Redesigned version (2016)


J.P. Patches Nodder
I watched J.P. Patches on television every morning when I was a kid, so this project was truly a labor of love for me. Since J.P. was on TV from 1958 to 1981, his look changed a bit over the 23 years. I based the design of the nodder on the J.P. that I grew up with in the mid ’70s.

I originally designed this nodder in 2003. In 2016, after it had been discontinued for several years, Archie McPhee decided to bring it back. The re-release required a slight redesign to both the product and the packaging. The newer package switched from the classic window box design to an open front style that allowed the nodder to be more visible while on store shelves.

Original Version (2003)

Original Package (2003)

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