After establishing a design relationship with local TV celebrity J.P. Patches (Chris Wedes) in 2003 while designing his action figure and nodder for Archie McPhee, I was honored to be able to take on webmaster duties on his official website in 2015. This involved transferring the site to a new hosting platform and giving it a complete redesign. The new site chronicles a very thorough history of the popular children's show which ran from 1958 to 1981 and his career after the show ended up until his retirement in 2011.  

I worked with his estate to design and create licensed memorabilia to be sold on the website. In 2020, I moved the original WordPress site over to Shopify to benefit from a superior eCommerce platform. I took this opportunity to give the site another complete redesign.

In 2016, I designed and ran a campaign to make an official Patches Pal Washington state special license plate benefitting Seattle Children's Cancer Research. The plate is currently awaiting approval by the Washington state legislature.

I also became caretaker for the J.P. Patches statue, Late for the Interurban, in Fremont, WA which involves overseeing maintenance of the statue and taking reservations for personally inscribed pavers surrounding it. Proceeds from the engraved pavers go to benefit Seattle Children's.